About us

Hi there, I’m Liam Jones Author of DogFencePlace.com
I have always been fond of dogs, and I often think that dogs are better companions than human beings. It was two years back that I brought home Max while working as a digital marketer in a New York-based firm, and things changed since. From testing the first invisible dog fence system for Max to helping others, I did become an expert on this revolutionary technology in literally no time.

Max was eight weeks old when we brought him home. Such an adventurous soul, he loves to explore almost everything that surrounds him — including the neighboring homes and nearby roads.We never wanted Max to feel claustrophobic or limited by physical fences, and that’s when we first tried the whole invisible fence thing. To be frank, it wasn’t easy. We had to spend weeks training him with the whole invisible fence, using those flags and other cues. But, once we did it, we were confident to do it again — not just for Max.

Since then, we have used a number of invisible dog fence products for Max and we used to help some friends as well. From purchasing the best wireless dog fence to set up the optimal Boundary Area range, we’ve mastered almost everything when it comes to an underground radio fence for our canine friends.

DogFencePlace.com is the place we can help others achieve the mastery. In this blog, you will find a variety of resources such as buying guides for invisible dog fences and some tips that would transform the total user experience of the same product. More importantly, however, we would like to answer some of the frequent questions asked about these products. For instance, do you know how to set up an underground radio fence for your pet? Or, do you have a proper idea of how to train your dog after installing this system?

At DogFencePlace.com, you will find answers to all these questions. We also hand-pick every product you see here as a recommendation. And, thanks to our dog-friendly community and friends, we’ve tested most of the invisible dog fence products, from various manufacturers. We can also help you if you are confused about choosing between PetSafe or Perimeter Technologies, not just with the help of numbers but also the experience we’ve with both.